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Newest Tank Setup

Tell us about your latest tank purchase or setup. What worked, what didn’t?


10 Responses

  1. The more you stir it the worse it stinks.

  2. Here is our latest setup at its very beginning stages. You can get the idea and I’ll be updating it as the work progresses.

  3. Newest tank 55gal planted high light co2 injected. Soon to be today 5.5 gal baby fry growup tank or shrimp tank not sure if I want to go with compact groundcover like glosso or hc cuba or make it a moss tank for the fry to feed off the micros living within. 55gal is in a constant state of change more or less learning tank at the moment. (high light + co2 inject for the impatient)

  4. Well we have added a mated pair of clown fish and a scopas tang to our 75 gal. tank. We also moves some of my corals from the BioCube over to the big tank. We have a small Candy Cane, small Idaho Grape Montipora, a bunch of mushrooms and zoanthids. Everybody is doing just great. The water is a little cloudy but all the water tests look good.

  5. It’s been about a month and my BioCube is growing out very nice. I am starting to get a bunch of pink and red coralline algae growing on my rocks. My step-father and I are gowing to setup a 75gal. tank and move my stuff into it. We will then use the BioCube as a quarantine tank. So far we have the big tank filled with rock, sand and have started a refugium. We put a couple of Yellowtail Blue Damsels and some Blue Legged Hermit Crabs into the tank this afternoon.

  6. I have a ten gallon aga marine tank. I just started a blog on it even though its 2 month birthday is in 2 days. http://www.thenanoreef.wordpress.com pictures will be up soon. not much coral yet though. 😦

  7. 20 gallon extra high (same footprint as a 10): 96w quad 6700 k light, co2 fertilization, amazon granules, red clay, sugar sand and peat substrate; amazon swords, bacopa, sagitaria, valesneria, aponogetons, and cryptocorynes; 5 German blue rams; aquaclear 300 filter. I do regular RO water changes. The plants grow well, and will add Madagascar lace soon. The rams are always hungry and have great color. Soon they will certainly spawn.

  8. In my Bio Cube I have about 6 lbs. of live rock, a Royal Gramma, a Yellow Headed Jawfish and a Skunk Cleaner shrimp. I also have an assortment of Zoanthids, Mushroom Polyp and snails. I have Nassarius, Astraea snails.

    The tank is sooo cool!

  9. My newest tank is also my first tank. It’s a 14 gal. Bio Cube that I am going to use to setup a mini reef environment.

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