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Favorite fish

What is your favorite fish and why?


7 Responses

  1. Thanks to this post I dont seem like an idiot. I had a disagreement with my friend and this shows I was right. Thanks!

  2. i loove plecos :):):):):)

  3. One of my long time favorite fish is the Harlequin Tusk. LOVE the colors. But since their not too reef-friendly, I don’t have one 😦

    Clown Triggerfish
    Niger Triggerfish
    Bluespot Jawfish
    Coral Beauty Angelfish


    Magnificient Foxface (because Rich is holding one for me at the store right now…get to pick it up tomorrow!)

    As I’ve said before, BoardRoom Aquatics ROCKS!!! You guys are the best, and will always take time to talk or offer advice, even if it’s a silly question! THANK YOU for helping make my 120 mixed-reef become successful!

    -Jeff Gallo

  4. My favorite so far is my scopas tang…it is so cool.

  5. I really like German Blue Rams also. They are beautiful fish and are fun to watch. I have had many spawnings but I have had little luck getting the fry to live past a few days.

  6. Love ’em!

  7. German Blue Rams are by far my favorite fish! They are extremly fun to watch and most certainly have their own personalities. Finding high quality stock is a chore and breeding successfully is tough. But bottom line, they are a great fish to have!

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